Innovative Solutions

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakersMost people have two kinds of attitude to traditional speaker enclosures: a part of them learn to live with the very often bulky boxes exposed in their living room, the rest make efforts to hide them as if they were objects of shame.

The solutions of the BIZSÓK Loudspeaker Manufacture prove that there is a third way. Breaking with traditions, we can build unconventional speakers from unusual materials. Stepping out of the ordinary, a whole new world of possibilities opens up: speakers made of concrete, fine veneer or even Corten steel.

"New innovative forms, custom materials and colors become possible, with the participation of artists and artisans the speakers will be pieces of industrial design art."

The application of beautiful materials in harmony or in contrast with each other is no longer unattainable. These make the BIZSÓK loudspeakers adornment elements of the space and the pride of the owners.