Acoustic furniture

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, acoustic furnitureLoudspeakers that we designed to fit into their environment as pieces of furniture, we named Acoustic Furniture.

Owing to their dimensions these speakers can be empowered with special features, such as an exceptionally rich bass range. With the creation of subwoofers that are built into footstools we tried to satisfy multiple objectives.

Beyond building unique Acoustic Furniture that harmoniously blend into its surrounding we can also transform existing stools into subwoofers. Unwanted vibrations generated by the speakers are adsorbed by multi-layered foam insulation in the seat pan. Similarly to our other products, the BIZSÓK Acoustic Furniture is designed following a 'whole system approach'.

"The technical parameters of the subwoofer speakers for example, are defined after a thoughtful consideration of the room dimensions, in harmony with the rest of the BIZSÓK satellite loudspeakers, and based on the customers' music listening habits."