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Loudspeaker drivers

The soul of a loudspeaker is the driver. The quality of our drivers is guaranteed by widely renowned international brands, like the Norwegian Seas, the Danish Vifa, Scan-Speak and Peerless or the German Visaton.

The selection of the drivers requires the careful consideration of multiple factors. The design of the loudspeaker, which itself is based on the client's requirements, defines the basic driver parameters. What shape, dimensions and materials of the enclosure will produce the optimal sound? What are the performance and sound quality requirements? How many drivers are needed? Shall a separate subwoofer be included?

"The answers to these and similar questions determine the technical specifications based on which the speakers can be selected and ordered."

From the technical point of view we focus on the quality of the drivers. But what does quality really mean in case of speakers?

Beyond the precision of the manufacturing, the architecture, there are more than 20 parameters. Since the production of the driver, including over one hundred control measurements, is a very time consuming process it is very important that the measured values of the installed driver - which we certainly monitor - shall not differ significantly from the manufacturer's specifications.

"We especially like working with the products by Seas, a manufacture, which works by the same philosophy and prepare their speakers with similar care and love, just as we do."

Once the driver is delivered we conduct control measurements then run them continuously on a specific frequency distribution for 48 hours. This process can unmask rare and hidden manufacturing defects on one hand, and also breaks in the particles of the vibration system, allowing the driver to perform on its full capacity.

"All these contribute to best listening experience."