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Applied materials

The palette of materials that conventional loudspeaker makers select from, is also very limited. The BIZSÓK Manufacture breaks with this practice. We use several unusual materials for our speakers.

The structure and texture of the materials is very strongly connected to the shape. People tend to associate certain forms with particular materials. However, if we contradict our intuitive expectations it can sometimes result in very exciting effects.

"Concrete, for example, is considered a rather rigid material that feels alien in some contexts. But counterweighed with soft, warm materials, a well-balanced harmony can be achieved."

External plaster applied on interior walls is not uncommon nowadays, but it can also be found on some of our loudspeakers as well. Speaker drivers sunk into granite sheet for appropriate front panel stiffness is another interesting example from our inventory of unusual pairing of materials. Photos mounted on the back of a translucent plexiglass can also give our loudspeakers a special look.

"The variations are endless: knife cut veneer, hand-dyed fabric, burnt leather, coated glass, plexiglass, metals, cast resin, rattan, bamboo braid, hand-made paper, these are only a few of the many options. The list of materials is continuously expanded as we experiment with new solutions."