Planning process

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, picture loudspeakers, acoustic furnitureThe planning process of our loudspeakers is radically different from the way in which traditional speakers are designed.

In the usual approach manufacturers are operating with predetermined forms and materials that vary within a relatively narrow range. Adaptation to the interior can obviously not be achieved with mass-produced products; this requirement has not often emerged even for custom-made loudspeakers so far.

"Our design process in contrast, focuses on the client's lifestyle and his or her environment."

It starts with the assessments of the design criteria: the shape and dimensions of the room, music listening habits, the color and material scheme and the overall design of the room.

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, picture loudspeakers, acoustic furniture The planning is carried out with the active participation of the client, to achieve a concept that best fits the criteria. The difference between our method and mass produced speakers with an architecture metaphor is like designing our dream home versus moving into a prefabricated flat.

"After a personal meeting and collecting the requirements and criteria, the actual manufacturing of the loudspeaker can begin. This means continuous development and improvement during work-in-progress in each case."

Design, production and acoustic control measurement phases in our Manufacture occur in parallel and well coordinated. Development starts with 3D modeling of the enclosure in CAD, and various acoustic simulations.

"Based on these, multiple prototypes are created for hundreds of further acoustic tests and sound checks. After about 100-150 hours of work the final product is born."