Shapes and electronics

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, picture loudspeakers, acoustic furnitureThe design of the vast majority of commercially available loudspeakers varies within a very limited range, they look alien in the otherwise finely articulated interior.

"We at BIZSÓK Manufacture truly believe that the highest sound quality and the harmony of the design interior can be perfectly compatible.

When it comes to the shape we are not afraid of unusual solutions. Creating extreme slim forms, which are very challenging from acoustic aspects, we find especially inspiring. The acoustic optimization of these shapes requires a series of creative solutions and relentless technical refinement. The result however compensates for the persistent hard work: the diversity of exciting and unusual forms reveals.

Our loudspeakers can be placed in every possible environment - all this with the highest sound quality. A crucial factor in the development of the loudspeakers is the audio crossover.

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, picture loudspeakers, acoustic furniture This network splits the audio signal from the amplifier to separate bands and conducts them to the specific driver - just like a traffic controller. Every crossover is unique: the layout of the circuit depends on the size, shape and material of the enclosure, and the parameters of the installed drivers.

"Therefore, only a thoughtful fine-tuning and hundreds of control measurements can provide the ideal result."

Our electronic development does not stop at the crossovers. Very often we are commissioned with the comprehensive design and installation of sound systems for multiple room complexes or large halls. At this point the role of an appropriate amplifier system largely increases: very often the requirements cannot be satisfied with commercially available appliances. In these cases our team is ready to build the custom developed amplifiers as well.