The Staff

unique loudspeakers, design loudspeakers, picture loudspeakers, acoustic furnitureVajk Bizsók, Head Designer

His passion for loudspeakers has been pursued for over twenty years. During his primary school years he was already a regular reader of audio related articles. He used to work at the sound studio of his high school and spent his summer practice programs studying professional sound systems, deepening his knowledge in electro acoustics and room acoustics.

"He built his first speaker at 15, and later expanded his woodworking skills in the studio of the American architect, Terrence Curry, AIA."

During his work with architects an idea occurred to him: would it possible to break the usual concept of loudspeakers, the classic black box design and try something fresh, something unusual and open a new way for speaker design, which could as well redefine the relationship of loudspeakers and interiors? 'Életpálya' foundation awarded his concept in 2008 with a second prize, encouraging him to turn his concept into a venture, which led to the birth of the BIZSÓK Loudspeaker Manufacture.

Ákos Novothny, Development Engineer

The other key person in the Manufacture graduated as electrical engineer, he has been fascinated by the world of electronics and acoustics since his childhood. Before joining the team he worked for a software development corporation as test engineer and programmer, but only after meeting Vajk did he have an opportunity to get engaged in something that is really close to his heart.

"Ákos embraces his job at the Manufacture as an adventure, treating the development of each sound system as an exciting new challenge."

The beauty of his job is that the unique design of every BIZSÓK speaker requires special, often totally unconventional technical solutions. A series of original ideas, exploration and extreme refinement of technical details and hundreds of control measurements are his secret behind the desired sound quality of the speakers.