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Loudspeakers - Created with Passion

The BIZSÓK Loudspeaker Manufactory is specialized in custom designed, developed and built loudspeakers, 'Acoustic Furniture' sets, sound systems and accessories with on-site installation service.

The uniqueness of our work is underpinned by the delicate balance, at which our speakers fit perfectly into a given interior, while meeting our clients' needs in the best possible manner and with the utmost attentiveness, and guaranteeing excellent sound quality at the same time.

Each piece of your loudspeakers and Acoustic Furniture is custom developed, built from carefully selected and optimized parts and undergoes a series of acoustic measurements and calibration. The custom shapes, colors, the creative use of materials and the precision of hand manufacturing define their individuality. Our professional and creative teams are accompanied by artists, artisans and designers.

"The speakers we produce become specially designed decor elements of any homes, cafés, restaurants hotels or retails."